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Ashland’s storied past focus of new documentary

David CarterDavid E. Carter has a treasure trove of memories generated from a lifetime of living and working in the Ashland area.

They are fond memories. They are memories which roll and pulse through the mind like a spring breeze sweeping across newly blossomed daffodils in Ashland's Central Park. They are memories of what it was like growing up as a boy in the Tri-State in a different era, of early life in Flatwoods, of going to school in Russell and finding any way possible to get to Ashland to play baseball in a city filled with industry and a vibrant sense of community.

“I used to take the bus or hitchhike to Ashland to play baseball,” Carter says.

These days, though, the sight of Ashland doesn't bring just remembrances for Carter. The sight of Ashland also prompts excitement for Carter about what is to come: a fresh blossoming of new opportunities, economic revitalization, ideas, families and futures.

“Right now Ashland is at this major upturn, this new beginning,” Carter said, adding “when you talk about the good things going on here it becomes contagious.”

Carter is creating a new documentary about Ashland with this in mind. The former ad agency owner who who went on to win seven Emmy awards for television work calls it Postcards & Photos from Ashland. He is working on an-hour long documentary and he, along with the Paramount Arts Center’s Director Norma Meeks, are trying to find local sponsors to fund the project to its completion.

“It will premiere at the Paramount in October,” he said. “I'm farther along than you would imagine on it, and I called Norma and she said, ‘I think we can do this. I think we can find sponsors.’”


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