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Economic Development

Braidy Industries announced Tuesday morning a major change in the location for its $1.3 billion aluminum rolling mill, from South Shore to the EastPark industrial site in Greenup and Boyd counties. The move was made necessary by an analysis of the South Shore property and the realization that it could not accommodate the deep foundations necessary to support Braidy's mill, according to Braidy officials. "In our diligent efforts, we discovered a risk that our peculiar needs for deep foundations for the mill could not be met without incurring material delays to our planned groundbreaking in the second quarter of 2018," said Braidy Industries Executive Vice President of Engineering, Alan Blankshain.

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Chamber of Commerce

PIKEVILLE, Ky. – Kentucky Power on Monday announced a $150,000 gift to the Eastern Kentucky Chapter of the American Red Cross. The grant from the American Electric Power (AEP) Foundation and Kentucky Power will fund the purchase of an Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) for eastern Kentucky and as many as 25,000 meals for distribution during a future deployment. “Eastern Kentucky is no stranger to natural disasters like floods yet has never had its own dedicated Emergency Response Vehicle,” said Kentucky Power President Matt Satterwhite.

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President's Report

October 20, 2017

Moving Ahead Together To say this was an ordinary week in the region and at the Alliance would be an understatement. While I can’t cover all the details of this week's news, I will try to share some light and insight with you, our members and friends. I appreciate the opportunity to share with you how your organization is working to make this community a better version of itself. At times, I can’t share in real-time how and what is going on. The last couple of weeks is a good example of this. First and foremost, Braidy Industries is building a $1.3 billion facility here. The papers got the story correct. The project ran into engineering challenges that could have delayed it. This is very important because Braidy has pre-sold over 100% of their 300,000 tons of product. It is not easy to build a plant of this size with the 100-200 ton machinery they will have. Locations that fit this description are not located everywhere. But, Craig Bouchard stood in Greenup County at the McConnell House and said we will build this and we will put people back to work.